TV Mounting Tips

tv mounted on wall

The Best TV Mounting Tips

Are you planning on mounting your TV on your wall? If you’re going to be mounting your TV, you should try out some of these tips. These tips will make the entire process a lot easier for you. They can save you some headaches and a lot of hassle.
tv mounted on wall
Don’t Rush Through The Process

You may be excited to turn on your new TV, but that doesn’t mean you can mount your TV in a rush. You’re going to have to take things slowly if you want to get things right.

You need to make sure your stud finder is properly calibrated before you use it. You need to read over the directions again before you get started. Take your time and make sure you’re getting everything exactly right. If you go slowly, you can avoid making big mistakes.

Find A Way To Hide All Of Your Cords

When a mounted TV is properly installed, it looks extremely sleek. If, however, there are cords everywhere, things might wind up looking a bit sloppy. You should find a way to hide all of those cords. If the cords are out of sight, you’ll be able to focus on your TV.

You may want to look into purchasing an in-wall power extension. This will make it easier for you to get your TV set up without leaving cords hanging everywhere. See what it would take to get something like this set up.

Once Your TV Is Mounted, Make Sure It’s Level

If you’ve mounted your TV, and have just noticed that it isn’t level, you shouldn’t panic. You don’t have to take everything down and start over from the beginning. This is actually a fairly easy problem to solve.

If your TV is only slightly askew, you may be able to force it into a level position. However, you shouldn’t push too hard; you don’t want to damage your TV or pull it loose from the wall. If it is difficult for you to adjust your TV, you should loosen it, fix its position, and then tighten it again.

Don’t Be Afraid To Hire A Professional

If you really feel like you are out of your depth, you shouldn’t be afraid to have a professional mount your TV for you. A pro should be able to get your TV mounted in less than 20 minutes.

You’ll have to pay to hire a professional, but it could be a worthwhile expense. If you don’t feel like you can mount your own TV, you should hire someone like MI Electric – a Lake Norman electrician that can help you. No matter what, you should make sure you get the job done properly.

Mounting your TV shouldn’t be an exercise in frustration. If you follow the right tips, the entire process should actually be easy for you. You’ll be able to get your TV set up and ready to go in no time at all. Once your TV is in place, you can start watching movies, sports, and anything else.

Understanding the Mosquito Life Cycle

Understanding the Mosquito Life Cycle to Keep Your Yard Pest-Free This Summer!

Are you worried about mosquitoes ruining your summer by infesting your yard with their biting, potentially dangerous selves? Do you want to know the various ways that you can combat them by understanding their life cycle and how to counteract them at every step of it? If so, this information will help guide you in making the best choices to keep them away from you as you enjoy the sunshine this summer!

Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite in most of the common species that plague people in the US. They need standing water in order to lay their eggs. Therefore, it is essential that you remove standing water from your yard. You need to do this regularly to prevent any new water from becoming the breeding ground for the mosquito species that are prevalent in your neck of the proverbial woods.

After storms, you should check around your yard for incidents of standing water. If you discover places where it is prone to pooling up, see what you can do to rectify the situation. For instance, you might remove an unused pot or fill in a hole. These things will save you time and you can have the peace of mind that mosquitoes are not taking advantage of your yard as a place to expand their buzzing families.

The mosquitoes will continue to grow and remain a nuisance even after they have reached the reproduction stage. A female mosquito can create a lot of eggs given the right circumstances before she becomes too old to reproduce any longer. This is why you need to be sure that you get them taken care of quickly.  Contacting a professional mosquito control company is a smart idea to prevent mosquitoes on your property while under construction or regular living conditions.

In addition to removing the standing water around your home, you will want to take measures to prevent female mosquitoes from coming to your yard in the first place. If you take the right steps, you can enjoy your yard without having mosquitoes ruin the party with painful bites.

mosquito life cycleThere are several species of plants that can be used to help deter them from coming onto your property. For instance, lemon grass and garlic are both known to repel these and other types of bugs. If you want to learn more about these and other types of bug repelling plants, you can have a dramatic impact on the number of pests entering your yard as well as how attractive it looks! That makes this a doubly good idea to take advantage of.

Then, you can use other applications as necessary to prevent them from coming to your yard when you are outside. For instance, the use of essential oils or burning certain types of materials that are known to repel mosquitoes are useful tools to have when attempting to keep your yard free from mosquitoes.

Working to prevent reproduction as well as keeping the adults out of your yard will help in your efforts to protect your family and guests from biting mosquitoes.

What is Google AMP and How Do Homeowners Use It?

Everybody knows that Google has been setting the standards in this field for a couple of years but accelerated mobile pages are somewhat different. Thankfully major engines like google support the task and also have included a section Search Console that allows webmasters to ensure that you debug the internet pages. Just what exactly are accelerated Mobile Webpages?

The framework increases the loading speeds of the sites by stripping out elements that cause web pages to load slower on mobile. These elements include JavaScript and third-party scripts. The faster load speed increases the number of people that can read your content. If your website isn’t using AMP, you may be losing many of the house hunters and contractor searchers who are looking for your site while they’re on the go.

Importance of GOOGLE AMP in SEO

The obvious importance of this framework is that your mobile pages load faster. As a publisher and marketer, your content is visible to many people. Studies show that up to 40% of people will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Now since your site will be loading fast, the bounce rate will be low. Thus your content will be seen by plenty of people.

Another importance of the GOOGLE AMP framework is that you get to rank high in the search results. If you are keen on Google algorithms, you must know about the Mobile add-on algorithm. This is an algorithm that rewards sites that are mobile friendly. Since your site will now be mobile friendly, you will be ranked high. High ranking not only means more readers, but it also means more money.

Is GOOGLE AMP for you?

While GOOGLE AMP has the obvious advantage of increasing the site speed, it comes with many restrictions. Since the framework doesn’t permit JavaScript and other third party elements, you won’t be able to have on-page comments, lead forms, and other elements.

To accommodate the restrictions that come with the framework, you will have to rewrite your site’s template. You should rewrite your content so that the content in CSS is less than 50KB. You also need to address your images where you have to ensure that they utilize the Google AMP element. You have to embed the videos using the Google AMP-video custom tag.

When it comes to the article, you have to include a special tag that lets search engines detect the GOOGLE AMP version of your article.

How to get started with GOOGLE AMP

If you are ready to go along with the restrictions of the framework, you should go ahead and set it up on your site. We recommend getting in touch with expert consultants at Next Door SEO to implement AMP on your website. The first thing that you should do is install the GOOGLE AMP WordPress plugin and then activate it. You should then edit the .HRAccess file. You should also edit the CSS to make the GOOGLE AMP look and feel like your site.


GOOGLE AMP increases your site speed thus increasing your views. It also gives a better user experience. As mentioned above, for your site to take advantage of these features you need to follow a set of strict regulations. If you are comfortable with the restrictions, you will have a bump in the mobile search results.

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